"Vestnik Kipra has an exciting history, full of significant events and acquaintances. We are confident that the first 20 years is only a start and the most interesting time for us is just ahead. The newspaper is constantly changing, gradually moving to the web-space, every year we develop new projects, activities and new publications. We are trying to develop in various directions. Still, one thing remains unchanged - we are proud of our past and look with confidence and optimism to the future."

Today VESTNIK KIIPRA is the group of companies which includes one of the largest Russian-language publishing houses in Mediterranean, a number of significant publications, the educational and translation centres, travel company, event organising company “Idealand”, association of the Russian-speaking residents of Cyprus “Horizon” and many other successful projects.



We started as an advertising weekly newspaper of 12 pages and 400 copies.



Vestnik Kipra


It was on July 21, 1995 that the first issue of Vestnik Kipra was published. It took three weeks to typeset. We had to develop the layout of the newspaper, to invent a logo, to find the advertising material, etc. It was designed as an advertising publication and only contained 12 pages, with a team of just four people. At that time the owner of the newspaper was Neophytos Georgiades, hence the letters ‘N.G.’ in our main company name - N.G. Cyprus Advertiser Ltd.


The year of great changes


The year of great changes. Igor Nossonov and Michael Pissarev became the new owners of the newspaper. In 1997, Vestnik Kipra published its first book called “Detective Novels”. Then Anton Nossonov joined the team and it was he who proposed to introduce the IT and music pages in the newspaper, containing reviews of new products and the latest market trends. Vestnik Kipra was growing…


Global changes are ahead

Global changes are ahead. In early April, a new editorial team joined the now 24-page newspaper, with Natalia Kardash as its Managing Director. Thanks to innovations introduced, very quickly (and for the first time in its history) the newspaper became profitable. In June 2001, Vestnik Kipra published its first supplement, the “Limassol Shopping Guide” magazine (now - Magazino). In July 2001, the second supplement “Cyprus Restaurants” was published and in October 2001, the first issue of “Cyprus” magazine appeared, intended for seasonal tourist exhibitions in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Moreover, the number of pages in the newspaper grew to 32; new sections were introduced along with the first long-term contracts with advertisers.


VK website was launched

On April 12 the first VK website (www.cyprusadvertiser.com) was launched.



Cyprus Property Guide

In March, a new project was launched, the “Cyprus Property Guide” magazine. On August 1, 2003 another new supplement was added to the newspaper - Russian Yellow Pages. This publication in Russian, containing a single database of Cyprus companies and organizations, became an irreplaceable aid for the Russian-speaking population of the island in search of the necessary information in their native language. For 10 years the guide had been published in a hard copy format and with the development of technology it finally moved online. Now, its electronic version can be found online at www.vkcyprus.com.


A special anniversary year

This was a special anniversary year in the history of VESTNIK KIPRA. In May VK organized the festivities in honour of the 60th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. More than a thousand people gathered that day in the central Limassol promenade! This event marked the beginning of the annual Cyprus-Russian celebrations. On July 31 at the municipal park of Limassol, VK celebrated its 10th anniversary with festive fireworks and a concert. Two thousand guests honoured the event. The same year the Russian Educational Centre was officially registered. Its main purpose is to provide Russians with practical help in adapting to life and work in Cyprus. Since its establishment, hundreds of people have completed courses of English and Greek.



First International Children's Festival IDEALAND


On March 30, the 600th edition of VK was published. In June 2007, for the fifth time, the VK representatives participated in the World Congress of Russian Press, which hosted 180 editors, publishers and leading ournalists of Russian mass media from 45 countries. VK prepared a special newspaper edition dedicated to Cyprus for the Congress participants. On September 29-30, VESTNIK KIPRA held the first International  Children’s Festival IDEALAND. Gala concert, photographic and art-exhibitions, cartoons, balls, juices and sweets... In two days around five thousand people visited the municipal garden of Limassol. Three thousand five hundred children of 30 nationalities took part in the festival. December 2007 was the beginning of a new project - the first special New Year children’s issue that was published on New Year’s Eve for three consecutive years. That year, the VK team got significantly bigger with more than 30 full-time employees and around 30 freelancers.


First Yermassogia Children’s Creativity Day


Another exciting tradition was set up: VK started holding the Children’s Creativity Day on an annual basis. The first large-scale children’s event, organized in cooperation with the Yermassogia Municipality, took place in Limassol on September 13-14. The event was attended by about 700 children. Moreover, the same year VK published the first complete edition of the Constitution of the Republic of Cyprus with a translation into Russian. In November 2008 a special newspaper edition was released, dedicated to the visit of President of Cyprus, Demetris Christofias to Moscow. Sixteen pages of the newspaper were dedicated to finding out  information about the Republic of Cyprus and its President, issues of concern for the island’s residents, as well as the latest local news. Finally, this year the VK Educational Centre opened an Intellectual Centre “BRAVO!”.



Meetings with the ministers and members of Cyprus Government and the first TV program


In February, the first meeting of VK readers with the Cyprus Minister of the Interior Neoklis Sylikiotis took place. Since then such meetings with the minister became regular. In fact, VK held a series of meetings of its readers with ambassadors and mayors. On February 27, the 700th VK issue was published. In March, VK took a decision to release the first Cyprus news TV program in Russian. Telenews was a joint project of the VK editorial team and PLUS TV, a Cyprus Television channel. By agreement with the International Academy of Television and Radio (IATR ), the Cyprus Television School started training students. Two groups of trainees were engaged in a very intensive course and their reports were presented by Telenews.


VK introduced a number of significant and very successful projects.

VK introduced a number of significant and very successful projects. These included guided tours all over the island. In addition the first international conference of the heads of public organizations and the Russian-language mass media was held. Under the auspices of VK, the first official award ceremony of Cypriot on-stage performance groups named “Galaxy of Talents” took place. In October 2010, VK prepared another special issue devoted to the visit of Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev to the Republic of Cyprus. The issue hosted the most important and interesting news and articles on Russia-Cyprus cooperation in various fields, interviews as well as photo reports, reflecting the life of the Russian-speaking community of the At the II Pancyprian Conference of Russian compatriots, a brochure was presented titled “The Russian-speaking community of Cyprus: the Mission Statement”. It set out common goals and objectives, undertaken by the community of Russian compatriots, and presented organizations that had made the greatest contribution to the preservation and dissemination of the Russian language and culture in Cyprus.



Successful Business

VK continues its sustainable development, launching in April a new and unique project for Cyprus: a Russian business magazine, “Successful Business”. The same year the first business workshop in the history of VK was held in Russia (Tolgiatti City, Samara). As part of the Fifth International Children’s Festival, IDEALAND in Limassol, VK organized five festive events, including sports competitions and creative contests for children of all ages:

  •  A n outdoor children’s chess tournament.
  • A bowling competition “My family and I”.
  •  A children’s drawing contest “I live in Cyprus”.
  •  A contest “Cyprus through the eyes of a child”.
  • The “Galaxy of Talent” closing gala concert.

From December 2011 to February 2012 VK held the first contest “Photographer of the Year”. One more meeting with the Minister of the Interior, Neoklis Sylikiotis took place, helping to resolve dozens of pending cases    


More than 30 events during the year

In February VK organized the Maslenitsa festival in My Mall shopping Centre in Limassol. In April the Russian Embassy in Nicosia hosted a solemn reception on the occasion of the first anniversary of “Successful Business” magazine. The event was honoured by the third president of the Republic of Cyprus, George Vassiliou, Russian Ambassador to Cyprus Vyacheslav Shumsky and many other distinguished guests. Continuing its work on the development of international cooperation, “Successful Business” magazine held a series of business trips, seminars and conferences in Krasnoyarsk, Surgut (Russia), Almaty (Kazakhstan) and Odessa (Ukraine). At the VI IDEALAND International Children’s Festival, VK organized the first FREE workshop for pregnant women and young mothers. And in December, for the first time a Christmas Fair was held in Limassol. It was a successful joint project between VK and the Yermasogia municipality    



Business and legal events

Last year, in addition to its traditional educational and recreational activities, VK organized a number of conferences and socially significant seminars. For instance, in March, the first seminar “De-offshorisation of Russia: What does it Mean for Cyprus?” was held, followed by the second one in September, dedicated to the innovations introduced to the Russian legislation regarding the need to notify the authorities about one’s second citizenship. At the initiative of the VK publishing house, the first International Festival of Photography ImPRESSion took place. Three hundred and forty two participants from 24 countries around the world, submitted their pieces of work for participation in the contest. The major project of 2014, and one of the largest ones in the history of VK, was the first International Legal Conference BEST LEGAL. The event was organized by the Russian-speaking business magazine “Successful Business” supported by CIPA and others. It hosted 80 participants from 15 countries. On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the First World War, VK published a book containing photographs and other content of the time.


20th anniversary of VESTNIK KIPRA

2015 is an anniversary year for VK. The newspaper celebrates its 20th anniversary, whereas the Russia-Cyprus Festival was held for the 10th consecutive year. In 2015 VK is planning to release the first book of the series “Looking through the centuries. Great victories of Russia”, this time dedicated to the Battle of Kulikovo. In addition, in April the first Health and Beauty Expo was held in Limassol. It brought together all those who are professionally engaged in maintaining and preserving our health and natural beauty. It will be followed by the similarly named forum in mid-November, to be attended by health and beauty experts from different countries. BEST LEGAL Conference will be held for the second time in September and will become a remarkable annual event. Another new project that is worth-mentioning is BEST INVEST (a conference and investment projects exhibition), that will take place in October in Limassol. The exhibition will feature around 20-25 leading investment projects in such spheres as real estate, renewable energy sources, tourism and high technologies. It is expected that the investment conference will be attended by representatives of 15-20 countries.