Russian Educational Center
RUSSIAN EDUCATIONAL CENTER is a member of VESTNIK KIPRA Group of companies
(License "Ap. Φβκ." issued by the Ministry of Culture and Education of Republic of Cyprus)
During the years of successful work, Russian Educational Center has developed more than 40 educational programs. More than 600 students of different ages graduated from our Center.
    Our Advantages
    Highly qualified teachers from leading universities
    Unique methods of teaching
    Individual approach in consideration of the level of knowledge and interests of our students
    Flexible schedule of lessons in the classrooms of our Center
    Intensive language practice
    Our Main Educational Programs
    Mental Math Training Soroban
    This program is designed to improve not only on a child's calculating ability and his/her understanding of arithmetic, but also to increase the memory power and creativity, the concentration level and the listening skill, as well as the ability to analyze problems. According to extended research, children can improve their IQ score by 5 to 25%. By stimulating both the left and the right sides of the brain during the training process, experts believe that Soroban is the key to optimal learning capability. Join our Soroban class on Wednesday!
    HELLO English Language Course
    Intensive course of English language HELLO is just for you if you want to improve your language skills in short time. Along with detailed explanation of grammar, we focus on oral speech development. Exciting, effective, interesting way of learning will help you to speak English fluently. The author of this course has profound knowledge of the subject and many years of working experience.
    Greek Language Course
    Intensive course "Greek in 2 months" for beginners will help you to develop basic language skills. Most of the lesson is devoted to practice: students learn new rules, new words and expressions and immediately work it through in the class. The group has a maximum of 10 people. Each student has the opportunity to learn, ask questions, speak, read and work in the group. This intensive course will take you only 2 months but give you the results that other people get in 6 months of regular studies. It saves your time!
    Summer School EVRIKA
    Every summer boys and girls of summer school EVRIKA transform into astronauts who set off on a 6- weeks adventurous space journey. From the very first day they start their difficult but yet exciting space life full of special training and secret experiments. How fascinating is their work in different laboratories where they set up experiments and do real magic! How fascinating is our every Friday Gala Concerts where all children show their talents, dance, sing and master their creative skills!
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