Professionalism, responsibility, accuracy
Qualitative translations of any subject, difficulty and amount from/into English, Greek, Russian, Belorussian, Ukrainian, Latvian, Lithuanian, Estonian.

  • Legal translations (statutory instruments, founding documents, contracts, agreements and etc.);
  • Technical translations (drawings, schemes, tables, instructions and etc.);
  • Scientific translations (articles, reports, dissertations, monographs and etc.);
  • Financial and bank translations (balances, invoices, bills of lading and etc.);
  • Advertising translations (articles, presentations, adverts and etc.);
  • Web-sites;
  • Private documents translation (certificates, diplomas, testimonials and etc.);
We notarize or certify translations of the documents (copies) in the Court, apostille and legalize (P.I.O) them.

Translation Center bears responsibility for quality of the translations.

Valeriya Ptitsyna
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