Your communication bridge to foreign сommunities in Cyprus
Vestnik Kipra Communications Group is a group of companies working with the Russian community of Cyprus for the past 26 years. The Group is specialised in online and offline publishing, education, event management, PR and promotion of Cyprus enterprises in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan and foreign companies in Cyprus.
The newspaper VESTNIK KIPRA offers all local Cyprus news in Russian, the SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS magazine works for the Russian-speaking business people. The largest events organized by VESTNIK KIPRA Group are the Cyprus-Russian Festival, the Health and Beauty Forum, the BEST INVEST Congress, the BEST LEGAL Conference.
The Group consists of:
Publishing House (printed, online, social media)
Event Management Company
Business Networking and Consulting Agency
Successful Business Leaders' Club
Association of Russian-speaking Residents of Cyprus
Established now for 26 years, this successful and popular brand has become the cultural heart of the island's Russian community. Every issue features the latest Cyprus news, local articles and interviews, classified announcements and adverts. The newspaper can be found in almost any kiosk and in all Russian stores and shops.

An electronic version of Vestnik Kipra — daily online newspaper — is published on the news portal
Since 2011, the magazine provides the latest analytical and business news to the Russian-speaking business community in Cyprus. Throughout 10 years of success, the brand has become the most trusted and credible in the corporate world of the island. Successful Business Magazine has a market position of a link between Cypriot and Russian business communities.

Circulation: 2000 copies quartely, in Russian and English.
Format: A4, glossy, 100 pages

Online at
Association of Russian-Speaking residents of Cyprus
This umbrella organization brings together over 15 Russian associations, clubs, schools, community organisations in Cyprus and hundreds of Cyprus residents. It protects their rights, reflect their needs, represent them on all levels.

The continued success of the Cyprus-Russian Festival in the best way confirms a will of both nations to express their gratitude for mutual support, endless friendship and mutual respect and I warmly congratulate the organizers who made it real.
I would like to underline that the Cyprus-Russian Festival has become the main multinational and cultural event in our country. I want to express my sincere greetings to organizers and participants and emphasize the tireless efforts of the Government to further strengthen the relations between our two peoples and countries.
Nicos Anastasiadis
President of the Republic of Cyprus
So many years of serving the Russian-speaking citizens, residents and visitors of Cyprus, is undoubtedly a great achievement. Today, it is impossible to imagine the Russian community without VestnikKipra.

Over the years, you have raised many important issues and have contributed greatly, in further promoting the excellent relations between Cyprus and Russia.

Mrs Vassiliki Anastassiadou
Minister of Transport, Communications and Works
The Cyprus-Russian festival, is an exceptional event, that may have started as a tribute to Cyprus-Russian friendship, but over the years it has developed into a tribute to international friendship and intercultural understanding and cooperation. It has become a festival, in which Cypriots, Russians and representatives of many more nationalities who live in Limassol, find expression and have a place to be and be joyous and celebrate, on the basis of the principal of mutual respect. For two days and through tens of events, the people of Limassol will have the chance, in a festive and joyful way, to get to know each other and each other's cultural identity.
Nicos Nicolaides
The Mayor of Limassol
You are a truly remarkable Organisation with true commitment to quality and professionalism delivering exquisite results with passion and exclusivity. It is these qualities that make your organisation stand out from the rest and which allow you to deliver real value not only to your readers but more importantly to the community at large. Your commitment to Cyprus during 1|4 of a century, both during good but also during difficult times, shows the unique quality of your people and your Organisation's standards for achievement.

Pieris Markou
CEO, Deloitte Limited